Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure is what connects your organization together. And as any business, all you really want is to be able to focus on your operations, and dedicate all the IT infrastructure to the reliable service provider. LinkPoint will make sure that your infrastructure is painless, visible, steady and operates at the full efficiency. Therefore, we will do a thorough review of your organization before proceeding with the network installation. Our technicians are experts at cable installation, network setup and server maintenance among many other services we offer.


Your business can achieve increased productivity by merging your office systems and people together. It is necessary to layout the proper groundwork for the connections between the machines at your offices and other peripherals, as they will ensure smooth unobtrusive communication between your employees.


LinkPoint will create a detailed network overview that will provide you with great understanding of your software and hardware. We will help with the tracking of your machines, software, user data, peripherals and any other parts of your infrastructure. This documentation will allow anyone in your company to understand the way your network is setup.

What You Need to Know Before Planning Out Your Network

  • What networking infrastructure you already have set up at your business?
  • How many devices and computers you have connected to your network?
  • Does the layout and design of your office interfere with the planning process? For example, is there any extra space along your walls, floors or ceiling that could be used for the wiring?
  • How much bandwidth do you need for your daily operations and what kinds of network applications do your employees use?
  • Do you plan to make any changes to the existing network infrastructure in the future that will affect your needs? For example, you plan to hire extra workers in the following months, or use applications that would require a more intense use of the network?
  • How much budget can you allocate for the maintenance and setup of your networks?
  • If you struggled with any of the questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to guide you in this process!

Infrastructure System Migration

If you are looking to upgrade your current infrastructure or expand into a new office – look no further! LinkPoint is here to make your headache our priority. If your older hardware cannot provide the desired level of performance anymore and doesn’t meet the business needs of your company it’s time to upgrade your infrastructure.Drivers of system migration:

  • Your company is moving to a new location, or expanding the size of the current office.
  • Current system no longer performs as expected.
  • The old system is depreciated and is no longer available for support.
  • A new technology that drives processes with greater efficiency becomes available.

Infrastructure Security

  • LinkPoint helps you visualize infrastructure security of your networks end-to-end.
  • We will identify where security is working well, where your business requires some improvements and what are the biggest vulnerabilities for the future threats.
  • Our techs efficiently prioritize incident response during an attack.
  • We proactively guard critical assets through dynamic data analysis.
  • LinkPoint techs prioritize major risks among a large number of vulnerabilities at your company.
  • We continuously make sure that your network is in compliance with the government regulations.

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