CloudAccess limitless storage and computing potential with the Cloud.

With cloud services, you can access your work from wherever you are, whenever you want. Cloud computing offers limitless potential for collaboration, computation and document immortality with which to develop your business, create and run software, and keep your files secure.

Our Portfolio includes


Want to share your work, project and ideas with the world? Will you invite and unite the people to work together, contributing to your work? Public Cloud hosting allows you to share your data across the world, widening your reach.


Keep your work under wraps with Private Cloud hosting – allowing for a secure personal work environment to store and back-up your data, with cutting edge security to defend against cyber-attacks and other prying eyes.


Some things are on a need-to-know basis, which is why with Hybrid Cloud storage, you can keep certain portions of your data available to everyone, with others completely private.

How Cloud Computing can help your business

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough space for everything. We know this when we move to a new house and must throw away some of our favorite things, and we know this when we run out of digital storage space.

We believe that innovation and creativity shouldn’t be limited to how much disk space you have, or how big your new place is. Cloud computing allows you to

  • lighten your digital load,
  • outsourcing your own vast libraries of data to an endless storage,
  • Data accessible from anywhere.


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