Risk Management


Risk Management

LinkPoint analyzes your company and mitigates unnecessary threats.

Why think about it now?

According to the World Economic Forum “Risks are becoming more imminent”. Constant change in our technologies and communications greatly improves our lives and the way we go about the business – but let’s not forget that we are operating in the most unstable environment since humans discovered fire. The ever growing list of business risks is only getting bigger day by day – new competitors, cyber threats, new technologies, fragile supply chains, new communications. This is why you need someone to manage your organizational risks and help you execute it within your business.

LinkPoint methodology:

  • We identify the risks associated with your business and characterize the threats.
  • We assess how vulnerable are your critical assets, and their response to specific threats.
  • We determine what risk is likely to occur in your daily operations.
  • We analyze the likelihood of those risks and their consequences.
  • We identify ways to reduce the probability of the risk and create a mitigation plan.

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