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Application Services

Excel spreadsheets are no longer enough for your recordkeeping and accounting needs? Let us pick a custom solution that will be perfect for your business.

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Supply Chain Refinement

If you are not satisfied with your current operations or think that there’s a room for improvement – our expertise is always available.

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Project Management

Your projects are in safe hands with the help of our project management consultants. On time, on budget, on target – these are the core values we provide.

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Strategic Marketing

Is your business looking for something more than just SEO and digital campaigns? We have launched a number of clients on the stock market and provided essential support in their growth.

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Risk Management

Business is impossible without risk, however there is a number of ways to protect your company from unforeseen events. Link Point analyzes your company and mitigates unnecessary threats.

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Seven reasons why your organization needs LinkPoint

You need to align your processes with industry rules, regulations and best practices.
You’re planning to take your business public and need guidance on corporate structure and compliance.
Stagnation has hurt your company and you seek strategies to reinvigorate your business.
Your organization has signed a large contract or client and needs to manage growth from supply chain to labour force.
A formal Project Management Office (PMO) is needed to ensure projects are delivered efficiently and with high quality.
Your company operates with many disconnected departments, whose data needs to be amalgamated for management to make effective decisions.
A risk assessment has not been performed for your company.

Our Solutions

Curious about the services and tools we use to help your business succeed? Or simply want to know about our expertise?
Here’s a quick summary:

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